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For Moose, Caribou & Grizzly Bear Hunting

  • Framed backpack (Needed for all unguided hunters only)

  • Folding saw with bone blade (Needed for all unguided hunters only)

  • Rifle / 30-40 rounds of ammo

  • Binoculars

  • Knives/sharpener

  • Good sleeping bag and pad

  • Hip boots, but I recommendCabela's "Dry-Plus Breathable Waders"in a waist-high stockingfoot

  • Boots to go over stockingfoot waders (cleated sole no felt soles)

  • Clip-on suspenders for waist- high waders

  • Flashlight & extra batteries

  • Camera

  • Water bottle (with filter)

  • Insect repellent 100% Deet

  • Stocking hat / gloves

  • Top quality rain gear (Helly Hansen Impertech)

  • Camp shoes ( insulated leather boots)

  • 1 pair insulated hunting pants

  • 1 pair non-insulated hunting pants (Cabelas uninsulated Dry-Plus pants)

  • 2 pair top and bottom insulated underwear, med-heavy weight(Do not bring cotton)

  • 2-3 hunting shirts

  • Heavy weight socks, 1pair for each day (wool)

  • Heavy coat (with Gore-Tex)

  • Cotton Game Bag

  • Personal toiletry items

  • Iridium Satellite phone is recommended for unguided hunters (1 phone per group). You can rent a phone by going online and searching "Satellite Phone Rental". Phones can be found for between $35-90 for 10 days.

Hunting License and Tags

Please purchase your hunting license and all applicable tags prior to arriving for your hunt. Tags are not always available in the small villages of Alaska. The easiest way to do this is to purchase the tags and license online. The web address is

Be sure to purchase all licenses, tags and permits prior to arrival.

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