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Nomad Adventures started over 13 years ago with the late Travis Pineur. He followed his passion for adventure, by hunting and guiding all over the world. As his legacy lives on so does the adventure, continued by his wife Megan Pineur.


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“Don't talk about it, be about it. ”

Travis Pineur

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Meet Jeff Berg

Jeff works with us here at Nomad Adventures and has been involved with providing Alaskan hunts for years. He is an expert guide & Registered Guide Outfitter in Alaska. As a Registered Guide, Jeff will be the "Contracting Guide" for your hunt in Alaska and will provide the supervision, expertise, and oversight to ensure the best possible experience on your Alaska hunt. 

Nomad Adventures will provide you with all the information about the hunt experience, along with rates and availability, upon request.  Before undertaking a hunt, you will execute a hunt contract that specifies the dates and duration, as well as other aspects of your hunt. Jeff will be the contracting guide (and will sign the hunt contract to act as the "contracting guide" as required by Alaska law) and will be responsible to ensure that the hunt is undertaken in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.  However, the camps and other assets of Nomad Adventures as well as the services of Megan Pineur and the staff, will be part of the package offered by Nomad Adventures and available to you and Jeff while in the field.

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