Your Questions, Answered

What is Nomad Adventures? 

The essence of Nomad Adventures started over 13 years ago when Travis Pineur began guiding in the great state of Colorado. He's followed his passion for adventure and hunting and built a reputable circle of hunters and outfitters. Since then he has guided all over the world. He's made several connections with different outfitters as well as operating his own outfit in Alaska. However, Nomad Adventures is not a one outfitting operation. Travis guides year round, following different hunting seasons for different outfitters. A great advantage to connecting with Nomad Adventures is we are able to ultimately fill your hunting dream list. From bears, moose, caribou, sheep, elk, deer, turkeys, and even on down the line to snow geese. Whether or not Nomad is able to outfit your hunt, we can connect you with a safe and reliable outfit who will. There are many occasions that Travis will guide you, even when your hunt is booked through another outfitter. 

Do you have a packing / gear list?

Absolutely we do! We have a very specific gear list, especially for our hunts in Alaska and after you've booked a hunt our hunting ambassador will be in touch to give you this list.  

Do you take payment installments?

We are here to help you and if payment installments help you budget for your hunt a few years out we can help you get something set up.

Will you walk me through the hunt beforehand?

Are you excited, nervous or just want to know more about the adventure ahead of you? Our hunting ambassador will gladly fill you in on everything you want to know and could ever think of.